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About the Webmistress
***An Un-official Guide To His Acting Career***

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Toronto, Ontario
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                                ** The News**

    3/07    Welcome! Here you will find references to Jonathan's professional career.  His ability to
    weave between the comedic jester to the bemoaned lover has made his career entertaining to
    follow. I am always looking forward to what character he will choose to play next!

*** I will post updates, when I can find them.  You can email me also, if something comes up new.***

    06/09 Jonathan is back on stage with, "The Glass Menagerie" June 18th to July 4th 2009.  An
    acclaimed Play written by Tennessee Williams.  The Red Barn Theatre shows have been
    temporarily moved to Keswick, Ontario, CANADA because of recent fire damage to their
    normal location.  Use this link to their website at Red Barn Theatre or call-1-888-733-2276 to
    buy tickets to this event.

    01/09  The Drowsy Chaperone Tour is doing well.  You can still find the show, in two
    separate tours, without Jonathan Crombie, both in the United States and in Canada.  Check,
    "The Drowsy Chaperone Tour", website for locations.


    08/08  Jonathan is still playing, "Man in Chair", in Seattle, Washington for the last stop of this
    Companies show of "The Drowsy Chaperone Tour". After this appearance, new Actors will
    take over the roles and continue to take the musical back East.  So if you have been putting off
    seeing Jonathan and the rest of this excellent company perform in this show, this will be your
    last chance.  Alicia Irving took over as the character, Drowsy Chaperone and did a fine job
    when we saw the show in Sacramento.  The other two replacements, for Kitty and the Aviatrix
    are also very entertaining.  Everyone is so nice and we really loved having the chance to meet
    up again with the Cast and Crew.  It's been quite an experience for us following this show. Be
    careful of what you ask for because oftentimes, in an odd sort of way, it usually comes true.

    08/08 The Drowsy Chaperone Tour has left us here in the SF Bay Area but what a great time
    we had!  Jonathan is still holding his own as, "Man in Chair" and we were so happy to see him
    putting on a show out here for us.  We met all of the Cast and everyone was wonderful. Most
    of the players showed up to strut their stuff for the, "One Night Only" REAF AIDS Benefit and
    it was great seeing what has now become many of my favorite Actors singing different songs
    from other shows.  Well, Jonathan and Richard Vida sang a very revealing song written by Lisa
    Lambert that was said to be much too bold for most performances of the popular Musical, "My
    Fair Lady". I can only imagine Ms. Lambert sitting back, watching that show, then finding the
    urgent need to cut through all of their, "innuendo" and just say what you mean?  An Aids
    Benefit seemed like the perfect framework for this song, "Pickering, Relax". Mr. Crombie sang
    with a perfect English Accent while Mr. Vida struggled mightily, trying not to laugh over Ms.
    Lambert's overly bold lyrics.  We had American Idol stand-outs Vonzell Solomon, Constantine
    Maroulis and Susan Anton, who sang her heart out too. It was wonderful to be surrounded by
    so many performers who are incredibly funny, amazing singers and serious about their
    volunteer work for this very worthy cause.


    07/08 Congratulations to the whole Drowsy Chaperone Tour Co. for winning a Dora Award,
    (Canadian Tony Award), for best Touring Show! They have worked hard for this honor.  
    Finally the Tour has hit the West Coast

    Thank you for helping to support Jonathan's work and making it possible for him to present
    this funny show across America. Fans have really been very supportive!  The funniest
    comments I have read so far are how surprised fans of Jonathan's previous work in the Anne of
    Green Gables Series are to find him up on Stage in a touring Broadway Show! Ah, well, I guess
    they haven't found this website yet but it is the main reason I put it up on the Web. I too found
    myself wondering what else has Jonathan been up to?  Well, now you know and I hope you
    find some of his other work Entertaining as well.

    I really do appreciate the nice comments I have gotten about the website. Thank you for your


    4/07   John Mitchell, Jonathan's partner on the Documentary, "Waiting for Ishtar", gives a basic
    description of his project for the Toronto Sun, February 4, 2007, in the Entertainment Section
    of their Newspaper.  You can also find out more by visiting their Blog  at www.
    ***more talk of Ishtar in the Toronto Star by Jonathan Crombie in the March 13th edition.

    4/07    What an amazing visit I had to New York.  It was everything and nothing like I believed
    it would be like.  "The Drowsy Chaperone" though was laugh out loud funny.  Not quite what I
    expected but something entirely entertaining.  More along the lines of "Beach Blanket Babylon",
    here in the San Francisco Bay Area and just as much fun.   A musical farce it is definitely a
    show that will find a welcome audience out here by the Bay.  

    Jonathan was wonderful and a little excited himself to be so welcomed by so many fans out
    there on the East Coast.  Even Canadians picked up their passports,(in fear of being stuck here
    permanently in the U.S. by our diligent Homeland Security), to show their support of Jonathan
    Crombie's Broadway debut.  He loves to make people laugh and he achieved that feat in
    excess!  I was delighted too!  Of course, I wasn't surprised but very happy to know others
    shared my admiration of this fine Actor and the show's Cast of Kooky Characters. Jonathan
    spent many nights after the show signing the barrage of autograph seekers and photo taggers
    lined up for autographs. What a guy!

    The show is written by  Don Mc Keller and Bob Martin, lyrics and music by Lisa Lambert and
    Greg Morrison, friends of Jonathan's.  His own involvement in the show has been a long one
    and they all have been working together to keep the show going on strong.  

    3/07 The  film short, "Empty Room", in which Jonathan is playing the part of the Husband, is
    up for distribution.  Contact for more information.  You can see a short preview
    at A very touching and unsettling look at a Mother's grief over the fate
    of her child. How her emotional turmoil effects the stability and security of what was a happy

    Pictures on front page----The Drowsy Chaperone Tour by Joan Marcus---Slings & Arrows2 by
    Rhombus Ent. --Empty Room-CFC Distribution.