Who am I?   - - - - The Webmistress  - - - Sometimes, Pegasus
Where am I from? - - - California, U.S.A.
Why did I put up this Website? - - -    
   I was looking for more of Jonathan Crombie's work, both past and present. It took
me about a year to compile what I have right now. I am missing some of his work
because I just haven't the right years he performed in them. When I know, I will
update this information.  Other fans started to ask  the same questions I did, over
and over again. Soon a request for a website, that keeps fans currant with his work,
as well as one that listed what kind of work he has done in the past, became fesible
for me to put up.  Finally I felt I had enough time to create such a website and here
it is!
Do I know Jonathan Crombie?  - - -  Not very well. I've met him a few times and
he will give me some information if I ask. Most of my information comes from
websources he recommends. I don't live in Canada, so I only see him after some of
his shows.
Am I in the Entertainment Field?  - - -  No, nor do I have any future plans of
working in it.  I do enjoy creative writing, though really it's more for the
distractions and to entertain my fans. If I say something positive about someone or
something, it really is because it is something I enjoy or enjoyed in the past.
I created this website so I must be in love with him! - - - Unlike most of Jon's fans,
I discovered the Anne's Series as an Adult.   I just enjoy Jon's work because he is a
great Actor and he has turned out to be a nice person.  That was motivation enough
for me to follow some of his work and to go out to see some of his shows. Kindness
is never a wasted effort.
Do I get paid to run this website?  - - -  No.  It really isn't that expensive. It was
more important to me that fans have a good resource for Jonathan's work . I don't
like most of the advertisments servers choose to put up on the web. Since I have to
work on it regularly, it has to be a place I don't mind coming to now and than.
Why a site for Jonathan's work only?  - - -  I am a fan of many of those in the
Entertainment Field. My other favorites all have very good websites anyone can
browse. I couldn't find one that kept fans up-to-date with all of Jonathan's currant
work. This is my contribution to the cause of connecting his fans with his work.
There are many other good fansites but those are more focused on his work in the
Anne Series and do not have enough general information for most fans, like me.

Jonathan has been very busy. Just trying to keep up with what he is doing right
now is enough.
Why is there no Message Board?  - - - Easy, too many spammers. I like to chat about
Jonathan's work  but I don't  have the time to manage a message board. I'm not sure
a private board will be very helpful either. . There are already enough websites for
chatting. I feel no need to compete.  This one, right now, is just for information.
Check out the links section, I put up a few that are popular.ones.

There is no guest book? Why?  - - - The majority of Jonathan's fans are really nice.
Though all websites fall the victim of spammers. I want this to be a positive place
so for now, you can PM me on the Avonlea Mssg. Board if you want to.