really does
    fanmail.  If
    you follow the
    listed above,
    he will send a
    response to you
    as soon as he

How he really reacts, when the       
   mailbag comes in!  Whoa!
Writing to Jonathan
Jonathan Crombie
c/o OAZ & Assoc. Inc.
438 Queens Street East
Toronto, Ontario
CANADA,  M5A     1T4
For complete mailing
instructions read the whole     
page @!!!.
Top Ten
For Missing A
Response to
Fanletter . . . .

1)  It was lost in
transit to Toronto.

2)  It was put into
the wrong Actor's

3) No one could read
the envelope.

4) It didn't include a
return addressed
( this
speeds up the process
and makes sure the
return addr. is printed

5)  Jonathan moved
recently, so he can't
find it.  Please try

6) He is never
Home, so give him 3
to 6mos. to respond
before sending hate
mail, please!

7) Mail addressed to
Character's he has
played, instead of  
his real name, can
end up mis-sorted
by Temps!

8) He didn't realize
you really wanted
him to write you
back.  Try again!

9) You forgot to send
a picture sized
envelope for him to
return a picture in.

10) No return
address, letter came
back, or it was lost
coming back to you.

If you happen to be one
of those unlucky few, who
have found yourself still
waiting for a replay to
your fan letter.  First, see
"top ten reasons you
haven't gotten a
response", then please
try again.  Try something
bright, printed, on a
typed envelope.  This
tactic may help your
letter to find the right
mailbox yet!
Meaning yours!
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Who am I again?  Oh yeah, right!


How we imagine Jonathan reacts   
      when he recieves fanmail.