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The Drowsy Chaperone  Tour- --
The Oxford Roof Climbers Rebellion - -
"As Graves, Jonathan Crombie paints a believable portrait of a man fighting to return to civilian
life and to come to terms with his terrifying memorises." Connie Meng - CBC Radio
The Dishwashers  - -
"His efforts substantiate the frustration of a high rollar whose vise lands him in the last place he dreamed
of decending." Steve Berketo - Toronto Stage
"Jonathan Crombie, who performed the role after Martin on Broadway, slips into MIC's baggy
sweater, corduroys and deceptively naive wit as if born to them." Tony Brown -Cleveland Plain
Jonathan is onstage in  
Keswick, Ontario, Canada
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Photos from, "Oxford" by Cylla von Tiedemann and Aaron McKenzie Fraser.  Photos from "Dishwasthers" by Cylla von Tiedemann. The Drowsy Chaperone Tour by Joan
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